What website would be complete without a few freebies to entice you to come hither, and/or get others to link to the site. In this section, you can right click on the image and do a "save as" to download a copy. The full size image, that each of these thumbnails link to are 1920x1080, which is the most common resolution of wide screen PC monitors. You have my permission to resize it to whatever resolution your monitor, tablet, cell phone, or pet's T-shirt requires. If you don't know how, please use the "Contact" link, to let me know what resolution you need. You do not have my permission to use any of these freebies for any publication, Website, advertisement, or anything else but as a digital wallpaper. The free versions of the photos, are less than half the resolution of the same images from the main gallery.

Remember, you must click on the thumbnail below, and only after the image opens up in a new window or tab (depending on how you have your browser configured), do you right click and "save as". Close the window or tab, to return to this page.

Image Thumbnails

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