I don't know if anyone will really want to have any of these images for their own, well enough to pay for them. I've had thousands download them for free wallpaper for their computers, and I will continue to supply some of them freely for personal use as wallpaper for your computer, tablet or phone. I don't even mind if it is a business or company computer. Actually, I benefit from others who might see it on your office computer screen.

I have an automated system to allow you to choose an image, and have my site transmit it to Shutterfly.com to be printed in whatever size, format, or on whatever product you would like. I don't have it set up to mark up the cost of prints, so there is any profit for me. If you would like to donate someting, please use the PayPal link to the right, to donate whatever you think is fair. Keep in mind, that this donation is only for a single print. It does not give you the rights to use it for any publication, advertising, reprint, and all the rest of that stuff the lawyers would charge me to list here.




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