1st Shoot in a While

On September 7th, my cousin’s family and I went for a picnic at Tomoka State Park.   Three of the four of us there, are photographers, so we set out to dodge the dog size mosquitoes for a few good shots.    One of the first things we came across was a large bird of prey (no it wasn’t Klingon).  At the time, we decided it was a swamp eagle, but after Googling the breed, I don’t think so.  I was shooting the longest glass, a Quantaray 70-300mm Zoom + Macro, with the 35mm equivalent of a 450mm lens on my digital CCD sensor.  Between the distance to the bird, the quality of the glass, and the fact I was trying to hand hold the shot, below is the best of the fifty or so shots I took.

Swamp eagle NOT

The other 150 or so pictures I took were of landscapes and macro photography of specific flora and tree stumps.  There are some mediocre shots that with a bit of cropping and tweaking, may be worth posting.  My favorite four shots that are full frame, and just like they were shot, I put through some HDRI software.  Below are a couple of the before pictures, and if you check out the HDRI gallery, you will see the after version. ftomokabeach72dpi

I am going to keep this post short, because I am still deep into updating several websites.



So keep those shutters clicking, and I’ll see you after my next shoot.  One other thing I do end up shooting a lot, is my two new kittens.  But they are featured on my CatLover.org website.

P.S. To those FB friends, who are getting notifications of new blog post from both catlover and badgergallery, I am working on a way you can opt out of one, the other or both.