Unique Perspectives

Sometimes events are so rare, or happen so seldom, that you feel extra pressure to capture it correctly. I know that every moment in each of our lives is unique, but I’m thinking of things like the recent “blood moon”. It had been 33 years since the last one, and won’t happen for another 18 years. We get ready for a photo shoot like this as best we can. We clean our lenses meticulously, make sure we have spare batteries, and maybe even study other’s methods of shooting in the past. In my case the event came and went with a cloud cover over Central Florida, that obscured all of it. What made it worse, was this was on my birthday.

I channeled my frustration into finding a new event to chronicle. Hurricane Joaquin was passing the Florida coast far out to sea, but creating much larger waves than usual. There is an outcropping of coquina rock, that is the second largest anywhere in the world along the Atlantic coast. It is located about an hour north of Daytona Beach in Washington Oaks State Park. I had not been there in probably twenty or thirty years. My memory of its location have conveniently forgotten that it was about a quarter mile hike to the rocks, from the entrance to the beach. We had planned the shoot for high tide. The waves would be smashing into the rocks most dramatically then.coquinabeachwaves01 That also meant slogging our way through soft sand with waves often reaching our knees or higher. Add to that an extra ten or so pounds of extra camera equipment, and you have a real challenge for someone who is far from good health. But this time the even wasn’t going to slip through my fingers.

I took about 700 shots, that I am still working my way through. I had one that jumped out as a really good candidate for HDRI, which is posted below in low resolution. beachdock01_hdriThe one further up is just a quick choice. I still have so many similar ones to pour through.