Cleantalk blogging plugin

Yesterday, I made an exception and lambasted Shutterfly.  Just so that my blog isn’t a place to post negative product reviews, I’d like to do a positive one.  It wasn’t that long ago I started a blog on three of my websites.  Like most of us who are new to the world of blogging, I used WordPress, the most popular of blogging software.  I was still in the process of doing test blog entries, when the flood started. I cannot fathom how spammers can locate a blog so early in its development, but they do. There was a plugin installed by default to deal with spam, so I tried it.  The Akismet plugin’s failure to stop the flood, was what made me look for alternatives. Cleantalk was highly rated, so many people had installed it, and it was reasonably priced. So I tried it. Since installing it, not a single spam account has snuck through. See, I can say nice things too.